The Impact of Working Remotely in California

Working remotely has certainly impacted the new changes emerging in the working trends and culture. Just like anything, there are always two sides to the coin – it has its pros and cons. It brings about convenience in some aspects, such as cutting down on transportation costs and getting to spend more time at home; but for some, they may be some problems such as business owners facing financial losses from lack of sales but having to pay off rent and bills. 

Businesses have been one of the sectors that had been greatly affected by these changes, but it doesn’t mean to pertain to failure. They also have their highs and lows, and in this post, we will be trying to tackle the two sides of the coin.

Read on and let’s see how the remote working culture has impacted business owners and employees alike!

Increased Work Productivity Level Among Employees

There are a number of cases that have shown favorable results when it comes to the increased productivity level among employees. For some, working at a place of comfort makes them feel more at ease and motivated, hence resulting in them maximizing their work.

However, this depends too on the worker’s personality because there are some who find it challenging to shift into remote working, especially if they find themselves more of an office-based person, meaning they find it more comfortable working outside their homes.

Saves Money for Most Consumers (…But It May Be A Case of Money Loss for Some)

One of the best things about working remotely is the chance to cut down on spendings, which benefits both the employer and employee. This means lesser chances of spending money on clothes, eating out, gas, and parking fee. For business owners, this will cut down their expenditures on office space rentals. 

However, while it serves as some sort of gain for consumers like us, this can mean financial loss for others, particularly among small business owners and the economy in general. To give a more concrete example, while people get to save money on the use of public transportation given that they are already working from home, this means that the government has a lesser tax fee to collect now that there is lesser use of transportation. Moreover, businesses that rent on buildings are greatly affected too, because with people staying at home, it means less consumer for them; the rented space may not even be of use anymore. 

Mental Health and Well-Being Challenges

While it’s reported that working from home has reduced cases of taking sick leaves because of lower sickness rates, mental health and well-being are the ones affected instead. 

Being cooped up in the same place and routine may bring about some challenges to our state of mental health and well-being, topped by the looming anxiety that the COVID-19’s bringing along with it. 

In order to prevent this, it’s important to take a break between works in order to take some breather and recenter our thoughts, as well as setting boundaries between working from home and spending quality downtime at home. 

Technology Security Challenges and Privacy Issues

Although remote working is proved to be efficient and convenient for most, it comes along with the risk of security issues and challenges; this makes businesses extra vulnerable to hacker attacks as they do not have the same security capabilities as they have in offices. Business owners usually invest in security software and tools that are designed to protect from any form of a cyberattack on the company’s digital properties.

On a brighter note, this is where training on data security and privacy may come in handy, for the entire workforce to be reminded of what to do and what not to do when handling sensitive company-related information. This type of training is unfortunately not yet included in our listed training programs but sending out regular informative reminders through emails to your work team can help save you and your business from a cyber attack.

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