The COVID-19 Pandemic Aftermath: How Small Businesses Will Be Affected in California

Change is a constant occurrence in our lives, and it could be felt all the more since the COVID-19 pandemic had hit us. It was like a domino effect that transpired as lockdown and quarantine protocols had been implemented around the world, in an attempt to contain the virus. The way of life we had been accustomed to for the longest time was disrupted as we enter a new normal where limited physical interaction would become the new normal. 

Business owners were just one of the many who were greatly affected by this new normal, where some had experienced shutting down or limiting the hours of operation, greatly impacting their revenue.

Luckily, a year later, the availability of vaccination had begun to roll out. Most of us have started emerging out of lockdown restrictions, slowly easing our way back to our way of life before, but still with extra precaution such as by wearing facemasks and consciously practicing physical distancing.

As for businesses, especially small ones, that had made it through the uncertain times brought about by the pandemic, they would certainly be faced with much more changes as we ease our way into a post-COVID-19 era. After surviving the cutbacks and setbacks they experienced, one of the challenges that business owners are faced with now is how to keep their business running and continuously growing again? Just how much will they be affected?

Are All Small Businesses Bound for Closure?

As uncertain as these times are, not all small businesses are instantly bound for closure – we think it’s a myth that we’d like to debunk. There are a lot of factors to consider such as the niche or how established the business already is prior to the pandemic. Using the current resources available, small businesses find a way on how they can adapt to the changing times of the world.

Changing Business Strategies 

In business, change in strategy is a common occurrence. It has become even more apparent at the peak of the coronavirus in order to survive; as well as to ensure that the clients’ needs are still met while keeping health and safety protocols in mind. 

This may actually come at an advantage for small businesses as they are more flexible and the change in strategy may not be as expensive as what larger businesses may have to cover, but this remains dependent on the direction the business wants to take and if it’s within their means. 

The Shift To A Remote Digital Work Culture

The trend in remote digital work has become more rampant during this time of the pandemic where businesses can continue to operate through the use of digital tools. Small businesses can thrive on this by making their goods accessible online such as creating store accounts through various social media or e-commerce platforms. 

Cost Cutting and Lay-Offs

Whether there’s a pandemic or not, there comes a time when businesses face cost-cutting and laying off workers. At the time of a pandemic, this becomes even more apparent since the changes in business operation will have an impact on the income and revenue. Some small business closes their physical store and transition to an online store, and depending on the line of products they sell, there may be some issues on the stability. Moreover, the switch to a smaller scale results in employers letting some of their workers go. 

Change of Niche

Businesses may shift their niche in order to keep their business up and running during the pandemic. During this time of the pandemic, we sought after necessities that will protect us from the virus such as face masks, sanitizers, and cleansers. Business owners would then start producing these products since people are sure to patronize it since they are timely relevant.  

For instance, small clothing retail stores include customized hand-sewn fabric face masks as part of their product collections.

Stay On The Loop During These Changing Times with Small Business Employee Training

Running a business during the unpredictability of the pandemic can be daunting, especially during this time where everyone is trying to seek stability for survival. If large businesses are affected as well, we can just imagine how overwhelming it is for small business owners. But fret not! Because just like any storm, this too shall pass. Moreover, with the right information and skillset, your small venture can still reach great heights in the midst of a pandemic. 

We at Small Business Employee Training are with you during this time of drastic change as we all emerge to a post-COVID era. We can equip you with the necessary skillsets and information you can apply for your own businesses through the use of our training courses. Get in touch with us and we’d be happy to assist you at the soonest time possible.

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