Preventing COVID-19 in the Workplace: Why Training Matters to Everyone

Covid-19 Training

As this pandemic has pressed on, many workplace measures have subsequently had to shift and change. Upon the reopening of many businesses, the concern surrounding preventing COVID-19 in the workplace has increased. In efforts to put your best foot forward as a company and bring the workforce back safely, it is pertinent to have the most comprehensive understanding of the virus and ways to effectively prevent it from spreading.

To Begin, What are the Causes of the Pandemic?

The most notable ways that the virus is spread is through close contact and exposure to an infected person’s respiratory droplets. Since the breakout of this virus, there has been a massive push to stay isolated from others and not congregate in large crowds. This measure was implemented in hopes that people would decrease infected exposure to other people, especially since many people can obtain the virus, yet be asymptomatic. When being in the presence of an infected person, the opportunity to be exposed to their respiratory droplets is increased. Respiratory droplets can be exchanged when someone is talking, shouting, chanting, singing, sneezing, or coughing. If these droplets were to land in your mouth, nose, or eyes, you can consequently become infected with COVID-19. By wearing a mask and staying 6 feet apart from others, you can actively work towards decreasing the spread of the virus.

Adjusting to the New Normal: Getting used to Being Clean at Work

In regards to the workplace, it can be difficult to adjust to this new normal. Although nothing is really normal about this time, it is imperative to take the proper steps to prioritize workplace cleanliness. Regardless of if your previous workplace cleaning practices worked in pre-COVID world, every open business must take workplace cleanliness very seriously in order to remain compliant and stay open during the duration of this pandemic. As you update your cleaning protocols, it is best to increase the amount of time used to clean, as well as the frequency, and also require employees to clean their areas regularly, especially following interactions with customers.

Why Everyone’s Involvement Matters to Stay Safe in the Workplace

During this time of reopening, everyone’s involvement matters. With all employees and staff on board with prioritizing workplace cleanliness, your business can work diligently to keep everyone safe and healthy. A collaborative effort is necessary for small businesses to remain open because this task can’t simply be put on the backs of a few people. When everyone is involved and doing their parts, the process goes by smoothly and more quickly, allowing for streamlined efficiency as you conduct business again. Spend less time worrying about the safety of your staff and customers, and spend more time ensuring their health and safety through proper cleaning efforts.

Wearing a Mask Could Save Everyone’s Life

In conjunction with cleaning frequently and more thoroughly, requiring employees and customers to also wear masks is important. As aforementioned, respiratory droplet exposure is the most common way to contract the virus. When you are wearing a mask or face shield, you are preventing the respiratory droplets from entering someone’s body, and vice versa. When both staff and customers participate in wearing masks, you can ensure the health and safety of everyone involved in your business, as the risk of exposure drops tremendously.

How Small Business Employee Training Could Change Your Work Culture

As you reopen your business, it is imperative to properly train your employees on how to properly navigate this time. These unprecedented times have brought on a lot of change for many businesses, and employees need to have proper guidance on those changes. We here at Small Business Employee Training understand that properly training can be difficult to find and have subsequently, formulated a COVID-19 specialized training for employees at small businesses. This will allow you to relay a cohesive message to your employees about how to work during this time and maintain a proper cleanly work environment during the rest of the COVID-19 pandemic.


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