Mandated Training During COVID-19 Explained

As this pandemic has surely taken over all of our lives, we have all had to make some drastic adjustments to our businesses, regardless if they’re big or small. As we have all made appropriate shifts, new questions arise and float around everyday. One question in regards to employee training during this pandemic is, what is mandated training in the wake of COVID-19?

To get back to the basics, mandated training is training that is essential for the company or organization in order to ensure that the staff understands the policies, regulations, and standards of that company or organization. The types of topics covered during mandated training are: security, health, safety, diversity, sexual harassment information, and perhaps statutory training. This allows for employees to be fully informed about all the necessary information that companies deem important in order for them to move forward safely and effectively.

In the wake of COVID-19, mandated training may continue to look different. Pre-COVID, much of mandatory training was completed on-sight as part of the onboarding process. Now that we have social distancing orders and can’t spend much time with others, there is a sudden need to shift virtual. As we still navigate through this pandemic, many aspects of life have gone virtual – from business meetings online, healthcare appointments online, and learning online, there have been appropriate, yet drastic changes made. For those employees who need to complete mandated training, there are options to do so online. Here at Small Business Employee Training, we have created courses for employees to learn this necessary information, while also staying safe until it’s deemed okay to conduct in-person business again.

Mandated training is necessary for small business because it familiarizes employees with the policies and regulations, as well as expectations, that the business upholds. It gives employees access to the information that will allow them to make the right choices at work and work safely as a team. As I have stated above, employees will earn about health and safety, diversity, security, sexual harassment information, and much more. All of these aspects of the workplace have the opportunity to make or break an employee’s experience within your small business. It is best to put your best foot forward and mandate training for employees so that you set a particular expectation or standard for your business, and allow your employees to follow suit. The more informed your employees are, the more seamlessly your business will run.

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