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Navigating Small Business in a Post-COVID Era

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The Uninvited Adventure

On March 19, 2020, we made the call. We had to shut our doors. Because we are a face-to-face service business (tattoo removal), we suddenly had no cash flow. No customers. No work from home options. We waited a day or two. Maybe it was all a dream. But it wasn’t. Then came the difficult decision to let our employees go. One by one we made those terrible calls.

I started vehemently watching the news. There must be a glimmer of hope. When will they let us re-open? I started filling out unemployment paperwork for our employees. I kept watching the news. Maybe there would be a change. There wasn’t. In fact, it got worse.

We settled into distant learning. Well- sort of. We struggled into distance learning. My teenage daughters started asking for help with geometry and I felt even more insignificant. We researched Google together. We made plans for projects and books to read and I tried to help them keep on track. Mostly we walked and baked and watched movies. I kept watching the news in hopes of a sign that we could re-open. None came.

Then, suddenly, on April 29, 2020, Sacramento County issued new guidelines. Physician’s and dentist’s offices could re-open to do preventative care of patients. We are technically a physician’s office. At least that is what the malpractice insurance costs and the state requires of us.

We wanted to re-open and be in compliance. But what were all the rules? The county requires us to post our plan, train our employees, and reduce our occupancy. We can do those things. We decided to implement a training for our employees to be sure everyone was on the same page for re-opening and then we decided that others may want this training too. We posted our plan, trained our employees and reduced our occupancy. Stay tuned for our progress on re-opening.  

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