How to Get Employee Training During COVID-19 for your Small Business

As we as small businesses, like any business, have to make certain adjustments to our businesses in the wake of this global pandemic, we have also had to make adjustments surrounding employee training. Due to these shifts, it begs the question how do I get training for my employees during this pandemic?

We here at Small Business Employee Training, have taken it upon ourselves to create courses and educational materials for small businesses to utilize during the training/onboarding process. With the use of these courses, small businesses are able to train employees online and ensure their safety during this uncertain time. Small business training online has basically all the features of on-sight employee training, without running the risk of getting sick or interacting with other individuals. The materials employees can access with online training can put them ahead of the curve when it is deemed okay to conduct business in-person again.

Small Business Employee Training offers certified courses that will train employees, especially for this difficult time that we are currently navigating. Throughout this pandemic, small businesses and large businesses alike have had to quickly shift to new regulations and policies as this pandemic has grown. At Small Business Employee Training, we offer these course so that employees will be armed with the knowledge necessary to move forward and start working post-COVID19. We are all waiting in anticipation for this pandemic to phase out, and it is best to have employees knowledgeable and ready to tackle this new post-quarantine world safely.

You should choose Small Business Employee Training because our founders have the experience and knowledge behind them in order to place your employees on the right path. One of our founders, Heather Bendinelli, assists with running small businesses from the ground up and knows the ins and outs of small business practices and regulations. Our other founder, Kristi Melick, regularly develops lessons for adults and children, which aid in the dynamic and execution of these lessons for employees to consume. Both of our founders work diligently to ensure that small businesses can grow, and that their employees are steered in the right direction with your company’s goals in mind.

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Is your business ready to re-open? Do your employees know how to protect themselves and others from Covid-19? This website offers training for your employees to learn about proper PPE, hand washing, social distancing, and when to report to their employer if they have signs or symptoms of illness.

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