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Do I need COVID19 Compliance Training?

COVID compliance

As a small business owner, I understand all too well the many regulations and compliance issues that face companies. Daily, we balance health and safety, labor laws, and regulatory mandates to offer the best customer experience and keep our employees safe.

With the emergence of COVID-19 into our lives and workplaces, business owners face new challenges in re-opening work places for their customers and employees. Further, we are encountering new regulations and expectations for cleanliness, reduced occupancy, and social distancing.

This course assists the small business owner in ensuring their employees understand the basic requirements the business faces in opening its doors. Many public health authorities are requiring training in subjects such as hand washing, proper use of PPE, and thorough cleaning for employees. Let us help you check these basics off your re-opening checklist!

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Is your business ready to re-open? Do your employees know how to protect themselves and others from Covid-19? This website offers training for your employees to learn about proper PPE, hand washing, social distancing, and when to report to their employer if they have signs or symptoms of illness.

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