COVID-19 Employee Training in California: FAQs

Covid-19 Training

What are the COVID-19 Regulations for Small Non-Essential Business in CA?

According to the Covid-19 Employer Playbook, the all facilities must perform a detailed risk assessment and create a work site-specific COVID-19 prevention plan. Workers must be trained on how to limit the spread of COVID-19, such as when to know if there is a need to stay at home, and screening for possible symptoms of the virus. Industries must also set up individual control measures and screenings, and provide disinfection protocols. Physical distancing guidelines, as well as universal face covering requirements, must also be established.

How Can I Make Sure My Employees are Safe From COVID-19

With businesses slowly reopening, it is important to place COVID-19 safety guidelines in your workplace for the welfare of your employees. An easy way to do this is to educate your employees on the signs and symptoms of COVID-19. There are training courses being offered that you can check out, such as those offered by Small Business Employee Training. Minimal physical contact in the workplace is also key in preventing the spread of the virus. Wearing of facemasks and personal protective equipment is also important for your employee’s health. Keep your workplace clean by having hand sanitizers, soaps, disinfectant wipes, and the like, readily available for their use. Installing thermal cameras and having their temperatures checked at the door is also another way to ensure that they do not have any of the symptoms to avoid its spread to their co-workers. Employers may also enforce contract tracing methods to be able to track cases as quickly as possible.

Should My Employees be Tested for COVID-19?

In California, employee screening may be done by employers for symptoms testing such as checking if one has fever, cough or sore throat, shortness of breath or difficulty in breathing, fatigue, or new loss of smell or taste.

What Resources are Available to Navigate my Business During the COVID-19 Pandemic in CA?

Small Business Employee Training offers courses on Covid-19 Safety Training. For more information, visit https://smallbusinessemployeetraining.com/course/ and book a training course today!

How Should I Handle a Confirmed Case of COVID-19 in California?

If a COVID-19 case is confirmed, the California Department of Public Health states that if there are three or more cases within two weeks in their workplace, all employers are required to notify their local health departments. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention cleaning and disinfection recommendations may also be followed. For more information, contact Small Business Employee Training on how to effectively handle COVID-19 cases through their course training.

What should I do if I am showing symptoms of the virus as an employee? 

If you are showing symptoms of the virus upon arriving at work or you suddenly become sick at any time of the day, an employee should separate himself from his co-workers or customers right away, and go home immediately. If you are not yet at work, but you already feel the symptoms, stay at home and contact your employer immediately.

How Long Should I Avoid Work If I Test Positive for COVID-19

If you have tested positive for COVID-19, It is best to avoid work until you have met the criteria to discontinue home isolation. The conditions are at least ten days have passed since your have experienced the symptoms; that at least twenty-four hours have passed since your fever has subsided without using medication to reduce the fever; and that other symptoms of the virus that you may have experience have also subsided.

How Often Should Surfaces be Disinfected for COVID-19 at Your Workplace?

Surfaces should be disinfected daily at the workplace to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

What should I do if an employee comes to work with COVID-19 symptoms?

As an employer, you should immediately send the employee home to avoid risk of spreading the virus to other employees.

How long do you need to stay home after coming into close contact with someone who has COVID-19?

You need to stay at home for fourteen days after coming into close contact with someone who has COVID-19 and watch out for any symptoms. If you do not have any of the symptoms at the end of fourteen days, you can end your quarantine period.

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