Best Practices for Opening Your Small Business During COVID-19

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, we have all had to make drastic adjustments to our daily lives. For many small businesses, safety precautions and various different practices have since been implemented in order to make work environments safe and healthy. Much of this pandemic has consisted of taking precautions and working tirelessly as business owners to create some aspect of normalcy for employees, as well as customers. When navigating through this time as a small business owner, here are some practices for opening up your small business during a global pandemic.

One of the most efficient ways to take control of your business during this time of major uncertainty, is ensuring the health and safety of your employees and customers. When conducting daily health checks on employees, and perhaps customers, you allow your business to be at the forefront of ensuring safety for everyone involved. Although these times are scary and unpredictable, being diligent about health screens can help to feel as though you are in control of an aspect of this pandemic as a small business owner, while also taking those necessary steps to put everyone’s mind at ease. Daily health screens are imperative during this time and can protect those of us who are more at-risk for catching this virus, which both employees and employees can appreciate. Especially in today’s world, we all want to stay safe and return home everyday without serious impacts on our health. Be diligent with daily health screenings and ensure that everyone feels respected and safe when they engage with your establishment.

Another practice to abide by during this pandemic is encouraging sick employees to stay home. Of course, ordinarily, business owners would allow for sick employees to stay home or leave work early, but in today’s world you can never be too careful. Set the tone for your employees that if they feel even the slightest bit sick, to give you a call. If you as a business owner don’t set that precedent to stay home, your employees may continue to come to work with feelings of obligation. This pandemic is very serious and businesses need to encourage employees to stay home and stay away from others if they are feeling under the weather – even in if it may not seem like a big deal. In order to keep your work environment safe for yourself, your employees, and your customers it is best to not take any chances in regards to their health. It is up to the small business owners, bosses, and managers to create a work environment that prioritizes safety in order for everyone to feel safe at work.

Lastly, a great practice to implement during this time is, of course, proper social distancing procedures. Since the outbreak of this virus, the common narrative is to “stay 6 feet apart” from people in order to minimize your chances of obtaining COVID-19. As we are still in the thick of this outbreak, small business owners need to stay on top of this action. Perhaps your business can handle remote work during this time, it may be valuable to allow your employees to work remotely in order to prioritize their safety. If your business is essential and employees are required in-house, allow for increased safety precautions for social distancing. Require your employees to wear masks and maybe gloves, if applicable, and create designated areas where employees can continue to maintain a distance from each other and customers. If your business acquires lengthly lines, consider implementing floor stickers that measure 6 feet apart from the customer ahead and behind. These practices may not be permanent but they are essential in today’s world to assure employees and customers that you’re prioritizing their health and safety, while creating a sense of normalcy as we phase back in to regular life.

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